Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
by FoggyBrains (Album Social Pain)

Dutch: Iedereen zit tegenwoordig vastgeplakt aan de mobiele telefoon en zoekt naar erkenning via likes en comments. Het is echter een schijnrealiteit. Mensen zoek elkaar op in het echte leven, anders wordt je doodongelukkig. Vandaar de Virtual Reality : Het is niet echt
English: This song is about the hurt and damage Social media is inflicting. It is not real, it is a fake bubble. An Virtual Reality
Song text Virtual Reality by FoggyBrains
In a world where we're all connected, yet so alone
Scrolling through the feed, trying to find a happy zone
A thousand friends, but no real connection in sight
Is this the life we dreamed of, lost in the digital light?

Perfect pictures, filtered moments, a curated facade
We chase validation, but it's all so fraud
Likes and comments, they're just a fleeting high
But deep down inside, we're all asking why

Take me out of this virtual reality
Break the chains of this digital calamity
We're drowning in a sea of comparison and fame
It's time to find our worth beyond the social media game

copyright 2024 by FoggyBrains