Standing Beside Me

Standing Beside Me
by FoggyBrains (Album Foggy Brains)

Dutch: Dit nummer is geschreven voor mijn vrouw Tea, zij heeft mij altijd gesteund en is mijn steun en toeverlaat. Met name in mijn revalidatie en acceptatie proces. Dat zal ik nooit vergeten en heb daarom dit nummer geschreven.
English: This song is written for my wife Tea, who has always supported me and been my rock. Especially during my rehabilitation and acceptance process. I will never forget that and therefore I have written this song.
Song text Standing Beside Me by FoggyBrains
Lost in the darkness, I could not see
Thought I was broken, beyond repair (repair)
But you were there, standing beside me
Holding my hand, showing me you cared (ooh-yeah)

Through the storm, you held me tight
Through the tears, you brought me light (brought me light)
You believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself
You showed me love, and that's something I'll never forget (ooh-ooh)

You were standing beside me (standing beside me)
Through heartbreak and despair (oh-oh)
You were always there to guide me (always there, always there)
With you, I never felt alone or scared
Standing beside me, you showed me who I could be
And I'll forever be grateful, for your love and care

Through the storm, you held me tight
You will always be my light

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