Screens of Sorrow

Screens of Sorrow
by FoggyBrains (Album Social Pain)

Dutch: Iedereen zit tegenwoordig vastgeplakt aan de mobiele telefoon en zoekt naar erkenning via likes en comments. Het is echter een schijnrealiteit. Mensen zoek elkaar op in het echte leven, anders wordt je doodongelukkig. Vandaar de titel : Screens of Sorrow : Beeldscherm van Leed
English: This song is about the hurt and damage Social media is inflicting. It is not real, it is a fake bubble. Causing a lot of Sorrow and loneliness
Song text Screens of Sorrow by FoggyBrains
Scrollin' through the feed, endless pictures of perfection
Filters cover up the flaws, hiding true reflections
Likes and comments, numbers climb, the pressure starts to grow
But behind the screen, the pain is all they know

Virtual connections, likes for validation
But deep inside they're longing for true conversation
Lost in cyber wonderland, searching for their worth
But the endless scrolling only brings them hurt

Screens of sorrow, hearts lost in the glow
Youth drownin' in a sea of blue, emotions all aglow
But let's raise our voices, break free from the chains
Embrace the love around us, find joy in playful games

copyright 2024 by FoggyBrains