Digital Mirage

Digital Mirage
by FoggyBrains (Album Social Pain)

Dutch: Iedereen zit tegenwoordig vastgeplakt aan de mobiele telefoon en zoekt naar erkenning via likes en comments. Het is echter een schijnrealiteit. Mensen zoek elkaar op in het echte leven, anders wordt je doodongelukkig. Vandaar de Digital Mirage: Digitale Fatamorgana
English: This song is about the hurt and damage Social media is inflicting. It is not real, it is a fake bubble. A digital mirage
Song text Digital Mirage by FoggyBrains
Scrollin' through the feed, seein' everybody's lives
Smilin' for the camera, hiding all the lows inside
Filters and perfection, we're lost in this illusion
Likes and validation, it's all just a confusion

Countin' all the followers, seekin' that social status
Comparison and envy, it's drivin' us to madness
Swipe until you're empty, but still feelin' all alone
In this digital mirage, we're losin' sight of home

Break free from the virtual, find beauty in the real
Beyond the screens, there's a world that you can feel
Don't let the numbers define who you really are
Turn off, unplug, let your true light shine like a star

copyright 2024 by FoggyBrains